We all get stuck for ideas for some healthy snacks that is actually enjoyed by the family. Settling for something from the supermarkets are not really considered a health treat with all of the additives and preservatives that contain who knows what. Ever thought of a food dehydrator. We purchased one a few years ago and never looked back. From giving our kids a real treat that we can be comfortable such as dried apricots, oranges or apples to name a few. The dehydrator is an item that we simply cannot do without. Looking for a dehydrator can be tricky task for one that is just starting out. As with anything our first purchase we went with a cheap version. dehydrator reviews It gave us decent results to begin with but as time went on we began noticed imperfections such as some levels of the 5 trays that it came with dried out better than others. It was a consent flip flopping around the trays till you get the even flow through the whole levels which we became bored with. We joined an online Facebook community that were into using dehydrating and they recommended the to look up Excalibur dehydrator reviews to us. We did some research on the oven and noticed the rave reviews that it was getting. You see the design of the dehydrator is unique compared to other models. It has the drying fan on the back of the oven that allow drying of the trays evenly, so we weren't busy flipping trays to get the even effect. We purchased to dehydrator and we were amazed with the results. The company has been around for 40 years and they with models starting from 4 trays to 9 trays and even have an Excalibur commercial dehydrator for those in business and need to dehydrate for an audience If you are looking to learn more information about the excalibur dehydrator you should check out http://excaliburdehydratorguide.com. They have information on the various models and other articles. They even have some great recipes that you can follow which is handy to get started with.  

white teeth We all want that bright fresh smile that can give us confidence in any situation that we may face. Well let me put it another way how would you feel if your teeth were discoloured and your colleague makes you laugh and because of your teeth you find it hard to because of your teeth. I know how it feels. Luckily for those of us we have a abundant amount of solutions that will help us remedy the situation.

Numerous Toothpastes on the Market

Finding which toothpaste that are out there is certainly a challenge if I do say so myself. Most top brands offer whiteners that promise the world so you can end up confused and disheartened. My top tip here is to do your own research online and read reviews left by consumers. You certainly wont be able to use every single one but you can narrow the field. Read more about it here: http://bestteethwhiteningsolutions.com/best-teeth-whitening-toothpaste Below is a list of what is involved in your search which hopefully will help you make the right decision.

The Ingredients Matter

The effectiveness of any whitening toothpaste is based largely on the ingredients that it contains. Most whitening toothpastes can slightly remove surface staining that are caused by smoking or drinking coffee. They cannot actually reverse the discoloration that is caused by fluoride exposure or tetracycline exposure, or by stains that have penetrated the enamel. Look for ingredients that have special abrasives that will gently polish the teeth or that have ingredients like sodium tri-phosphate, a chemical that will dissolve stains or at minimum, break the stain down so that you can then brush it away.

Results Depend on Length of Use

Consumers should bear in mind that whitening toothpastes should be used as directed if they want to get the best results. It usually takes around a month of brushing with this type of toothpaste to see any results at all. However, some toothpaste that count a chemical known as blue covarine among their active ingredients can make your teeth appear whiter, sooner, although it is merely an optical illusion. For true whitening, stick with peroxide based whitening pastes, which are offered by several companies. In the case of at least one brand, there is also a pre-brush rinse that can be purchased with the toothpaste to make it even more effective. Visit this site to learn about it: http://bestteethwhiteningsolutions.com Finding the right toothpaste for you to use as with most things involve some trial and error. For what works for some may not work for others. For the right foundations of teeth whitening involves taking care of your teeth by regular dental visits and regular brushing of your teeth a few times a day. Especially after those cups of coffee. Toothpastes of this kind will definitely improve the colour of your teeth but don't be too excited about it because it is not exactly the miracle solution that it is marketed as. Sure it will help with slightly discoloured teeth, however teeth that have been neglected for years will find that it will have no impact at all. Usually stronger solutions will be needed such as whitening strips, or gels or even a visit to the local dentist. There are lots of factors that discolour teeth, and one of them is ageing. As your age increases, the colour of the teeth darken, and the colour of the gum deepen. However, the whitening toothpaste will bring some improvement depending upon your type of teeth and your habits. While using a teeth whitening toothpaste be conscious of sensitive teeth or irritation in your gums and enamel. Discontinue the use of the toothpaste for some time if this occurs.…

What You Need To Know About Bio Oil & Pregnancy
You have probably heard the product, bio oil, advertised as a remedy for pregnancy related stretch marks and wondered if it is safe and if it works. In this article, we will discuss this product, offer some cautions and advice and suggest a few alternatives. Read on to learn more. Bio oil is also known as pyrolysis oil. It is made using biomass via a high heat process that breaks the products down into gases and charcoal. When the gases condense, bio oil is formed. This oil is slightly acidic and is advertised as being organic; however, it is actually a paraffin (petroleum) based product with some organic ingredients mixed in. Consumers who have used it say that it smells good, and this can probably be attributed to the natural rosemary oil that is added. There are two things you should know about this:
  1. Natural ingredients combined with paraffin/petroleum based products lose their benefits.
  2. Rosemary is not a safe product to use while pregnant.
While users who were surveyed did say that the product softened their skin and seemed to diminish stretch marks to some degree, most did not report miraculous results. Some users remarked that bio oil felt synthetic to the touch and did not soak quickly or deeply into the skin. Still others said that it caused their skin to break out.

Is It Safe To Use Bio Oil While Pregnant?

The main ingredient in bio oil is “paraffinum liquidum”. This is a petroleum product. It is never a good idea to use petroleum products on your skin or to ingest them; even though, they are ubiquitous in personal care and food products on the market today. Mineral oil is another ingredient in bio oil. It is also a petroleum product, and it has been proven to be carcinogenic.

Remember That The Skin Is Your Body’s Largest Organ

You should never apply anything to your skin that you would not eat or drink. This is doubly true when pregnant or breastfeeding. Anything you put on your skin will be absorbed by your body and could affect your baby in utero or via mother’s milk. Luckily, there are plenty of good, truly organic oils available that do a great job of treating stretch marks. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil are both excellent choices. Both of these oils are cold pressed, as opposed to heat processed. Any heat processed oil has the potential of being carcinogenic.pregnancy The main thing to remember about treating stretch marks is that prevention is far better than cure. If you develop the habit of massaging your skin with coconut oil before you become pregnant, your skin will be soft, flexible and well moisturized. It will be far less likely to develop stretch marks, and any that do develop will not be too severe. Continue regular natural oil massage throughout your pregnancy, and you will not be plagued by stretch marks. Save Save