Healthy Treats With A Food Dehydrator

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We all get stuck for ideas for some healthy snacks that is actually enjoyed by the family. Settling for something from the supermarkets are not really considered a health treat with all of the additives and preservatives that contain who knows what.

Ever thought of a food dehydrator. We purchased one a few years ago and never looked back. From giving our kids a real treat that we can be comfortable such as dried apricots, oranges or apples to name a few. The dehydrator is an item that we simply cannot do without.

Looking for a dehydrator can be tricky task for one that is just starting out. As with anything our first purchase we went with a cheap version.

dehydrator reviews
It gave us decent results to begin with but as time went on we began noticed imperfections such as some levels of the 5 trays that it came with dried out better than others. It was a consent flip flopping around the trays till you get the even flow through the whole levels which we became bored with.

We joined an online Facebook community that were into using dehydrating and they recommended the to look up Excalibur dehydrator reviews to us.

We did some research on the oven and noticed the rave reviews that it was getting. You see the design of the dehydrator is unique compared to other models. It has the drying fan on the back of the oven that allow drying of the trays evenly, so we weren’t busy flipping trays to get the even effect.

We purchased to dehydrator and we were amazed with the results.
The company has been around for 40 years and they with models starting from 4 trays to 9 trays and even have an Excalibur commercial dehydrator for those in business and need to dehydrate for an audience

If you are looking to learn more information about the excalibur dehydrator you should check out They have information on the various models and other articles. They even have some great recipes that you can follow which is handy to get started with.


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