What You Need To Know About Bio Oil & Pregnancy

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bio-oilYou have probably heard the product, bio oil, advertised as a remedy for pregnancy related stretch marks and wondered if it is safe and if it works. In this article, we will discuss this product, offer some cautions and advice and suggest a few alternatives. Read on to learn more.

Bio oil is also known as pyrolysis oil. It is made using biomass via a high heat process that breaks the products down into gases and charcoal. When the gases condense, bio oil is formed. This oil is slightly acidic and is advertised as being organic; however, it is actually a paraffin (petroleum) based product with some organic ingredients mixed in.

Consumers who have used it say that it smells good, and this can probably be attributed to the natural rosemary oil that is added. There are two things you should know about this:

  1.  Natural ingredients combined with paraffin/petroleum based products lose their benefits.
  2.  Rosemary is not a safe product to use while pregnant.

While users who were surveyed did say that the product softened their skin and seemed to diminish stretch marks to some degree, most did not report miraculous results.

Some users remarked that bio oil felt synthetic to the touch and did not soak quickly or deeply into the skin. Still others said that it caused their skin to break out.

Is It Safe To Use Bio Oil While Pregnant?

The main ingredient in bio oil is “paraffinum liquidum”. This is a petroleum product. It is never a good idea to use petroleum products on your skin or to ingest them; even though, they are ubiquitous in personal care and food products on the market today.

Mineral oil is another ingredient in bio oil. It is also a petroleum product, and it has been proven to be carcinogenic.

Remember That The Skin Is Your Body’s Largest Organ

You should never apply anything to your skin that you would not eat or drink. This is doubly true when pregnant or breastfeeding. Anything you put on your skin will be absorbed by your body and could affect your baby in utero or via mother’s milk.

Luckily, there are plenty of good, truly organic oils available that do a great job of treating stretch marks. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil  are both excellent choices. Both of these oils are cold pressed, as opposed to heat processed. Any heat processed oil has the potential of being carcinogenic.pregnancy

The main thing to remember about treating stretch marks is that prevention is far better than cure. If you develop the habit of massaging your skin with coconut oil before you become pregnant, your skin will be soft, flexible and well moisturized. It will be far less likely to develop stretch marks, and any that do develop will not be too severe. Continue regular natural oil massage throughout your pregnancy, and you will not be plagued by stretch marks.



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